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Job hunting, but not for me (for once)

So for the first time, I'd like to ask everyone to fire up their various nepotism nets, not for me but for a pal. This friend of mine (a recent acquaintance, yes, but a good one) is in desperate need of a job, as he and his wife are looking at losing their only working car if things don't turn around for them quickly.

His name is Ben Wilson, he's a very funny and outgoing ex-Army Ranger, whip-smart and a gamer on top of all that (so how can you go wrong?). He's worked mostly as a mortgage loan funder, but would like to branch out into real estate management.

Can anyone help out? I'd love to get some good karma rolling for Ben, so if you know of a lending institution that needs a savvy manager, send them his way, wouldja?

Ben Wilson's Resume, .DOC format

Ben Wilson's Resume, .PDF format

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