Mellya (mellyjc) wrote in bayareajobless,

Job call

Bay Casino gaming is looking for blackjack dealers. This is job that pays at least $60 for max 4 hours of work.

The blackjack is easy...look up the rules on Yahoo Games or whatever if you need get the hang of it quick, just be familiar with the possibilities like insurance, doubling down, and splitting. All easy.

They are specifically looking for someone for this coming Saturday. The gig is in Palo Alto, from 7-10. This is only 3 hours work that will pay at least $60.

You do need to bring your own cards and tux shirt, red bowtie and cummerbund is required....Sometimes they have extra tie/cummerbunds and the shirt you should be able to get cheaply enough. Outfit and gas mileage is tax deductible if you earn enough.

This is an easy, sometimes fun way to earn a little extra money. You get to see fancy hotels/mansions, can get tips, and sometimes we're fed.

The season is slowing down but they have this Saturday, and again later in the month. December is their busy season with Christmas parties. I've been doing this for 2 years and it's definitely been worth my meet some cool people.

If anyone is interested, please let me know!
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